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Tournaments, events and holiday programmes

At Core Tennis, we believe year-round coaching and competition go hand in hand. Therefore, we host and support several initiatives to support competition and to keep tennis moving; whether it's a school holiday or winter time. For juniors and seniors. Check out the ones coming up below. 

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About    Core tennis

Tennis is one of the world's biggest sports. Yet, many clubs in New Zealand struggle and many potential players have lost interest. 

Core Tennis aims to (re)ignite the passion for the game by providing engaging coaching and by supporting clubs to become the place in town where 'it' happens. 

We bring a European mindset to playing and organising tennis. We may not have the numbers here, but we don't need to reinvent the wheel! Let's take small steps forward and learn from success overseas..


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Joining Core Tennis coaching this round was a great decision to learn and upskill myself. Sven has made it a fun and exciting coaching session. With a range of drills to work on our shot, people are awesome and keen to get back for the next series of coaching.

Janik Levien 

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