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Club champ and nobody who dares to play you anymore? Or just starting and nobody at your level to have a thrilling match against? Or just keen to get as much tennis in as you can and improve quickly? Than this is for you. 

Any - friendly - match you play can be registered in one app: 'Rankade'. Follow the instructions on this page and install the app. Invite your best friend or your worst enemy for a match, agree on the rules, record the result and instantly see your InterCore rating change! Simple, user-friendly and.. lucrative. Because activity is rewarded with a coupon for coaching!

How does RANKADE work?


- Go to your digital device's App Store and search for Rankade. Download the free app and when the group code is requested, use: 732ME. That will instantly make you a member of the InterCore Tennis ladder and set you up to record matches. 

- Go to and sign-up. When the group code is requested, use: TQ2J7. That will instantly make you a member of the InterCore Tennis ladder and set you up to record matches. 

Which is really easy btw. The only thing you need to do is find you and your partner/opponent, enter how many sets each of you won and the system will directly update your ratings!

The more you play, the more accurate your rating will become. Over time, it'll sift itself out and show who's the real regional champ. But it also gives you a good clue of others around your level in the local communities. So, don't hesitate to contact them directly and challenge them to a game! It doesn't matter whether you are a member in Waihi Beach and the other in Paeroa. Just pick a club and play!

What's in it for me?

A purpose, a dream, a challenge, an excuse for a beer. And even money. Like we said, coaching and competition goes hand in hand. That's why InterCore stimulates playing matches by offering a coaching discount. How? Read on.

We don't want to make the better players get even better, so the reward is not level-based, but effort-based. Rankade keeps track of your activity. The more you play, the higher your 'activity status'. If, at the last day of a school term, your activity status is a 'sun' (representing an 'active' player), you'll receive a $25 discount voucher for coaching in the next term. 

Still not attractive enough? Then check the next page; InterCore Term Champ.

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