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Practised all term? Feeling the progress? Good! Ready to show off your progress and crush your nemesis this time? This time!

The best players who had coaching during the last term - according to their Rankade rating - are invited to a mini tournament during the school holidays. No entry fee, no hassle. Just a couple games and if you come out on top, you walk away with cash. 

How does RANKADE work?


- Go to your digital device's App Store and search for Rankade. Download the free app and when the group code is requested, use: TQ2J7. That will instantly make you a member of the InterCore Tennis ladder and set you up to record matches. 

- Go to and sign-up. When the group code is requested, use: TQ2J7. That will instantly make you a member of the InterCore Tennis ladder and set you up to record matches. 

Which is really easy btw. The only thing you need to do is find you and your partner/opponent, enter how many sets each of you won and the system will directly update your ratings!

The more you play, the more accurate your rating will become. Over time, it'll sift itself out and show who's the real regional champ. But it also gives you a good clue of others around your level in the local communities. So, don't hesitate to contact them directly and challenge them to a game! It doesn't matter whether you are a member in Waihi Beach and the other in Paeroa. Just pick a club and play!

What's in it for me?

Tennis is an expensive sport, right? How about we turn the tables and for once, you get paid for playing tennis? All you have to do is prove yourself. Are you the best player in the region? Good on you; you walk out with $100. 

Not enough to convince you? There's also a social atmosphere, a beer and perhaps even spectators checking out who comes out on top this term. Still not enough? We get it, we get it. You want to be tested more, right? Show off not just for the people in town? No, you want your name to be known far and wide. That's ok, just enrol in one of our InterCore Tournaments where the payout is even higher! Just realise that the level might be higher, too..

How does it work?

At the end of term, the top ranked players on Rankade receive an invitation to the tournament, which is hosted on one of the participating clubs. If you cannot make it, the next on the ranking will be invited and so forth. 

On the day, a Swiss singles tournament will be played. Singles, you wonder? Yes, we're talking about the champ here, not the champs. Plenty opportunities to play doubles; this is a chance for the singles champs to shine. 

You play three to four singles matches of only one set each. Yes, that's intense, we know. There's no time to slack around. But you don't win $100 for nothing, right?

Once you accept the invitation to the tournament, there's no pulling out unless you get injured while playing. A no-show means you will not be invited in the future, regardless of your ranking.  

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