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Core tennis
Terms & Conditions

Find all detailed information and conditions around tennis coaching on this page. 

Time and duration:

1. All junior and senior programmes take place during the NZ school terms. Lessons start in the first week of the term and finish in the last. Any junior lessons that would fall on Public Holidays during the terms, will proceed as per usual schedule. Senior Mix'n'Match programme sessions on Public Holidays are cancelled.

2. Every lesson allows five minutes for the coach to wrap-up and prepare for the next lesson. This includes having a break. 

3. During school holidays, the offer is composed of a variety of events or initiatives, that follow no particular structure or pattern.  Conditions for every event will be communicated separately. 


4. All participants in the junior programme must be a member of the club where they enrol for coaching. A child will be refused entry to the coaching session until the membership application is completed and paid.

5. All non-member participants in the senior programme pay $5 per hour court fee, as invoiced by the club where the coaching was attended. Members of Paeroa Tennis Club, Whangamata Tennis and Squash Club, Waihi Tennis Club, Waihi Beach Tennis Club and/or Homewood Tennis Club are not required to pay this fee.

Coach and lesson allocation:

6. The self-enrolment process is one of voicing preference. CTC retains the right to reallocate enrolments to another coach, another group, another club, another time or another course, if it deems that necessary to:

       a) fill a group that would otherwise be cancelled; or 

       b) make sure levels in a course are well-matched to allow for optimal participant development; or 

       c) correct an enrollment that goes against CTC's enrolment guidelines; or

       d) ensure coaching continuity 

7. When a participant is reallocated, contact will be made to discuss options. If no reallocation can be agreed upon, the coaching fee will be deducted from the next enrollment in the form of a coupon. 

8. Entry to a lesson is only allowed when the full sum for the course or the event is paid. 


9. Lessons, events and courses only take place if a minimum viable number of enrollments for that lesson, event or course was made. In case that minimum is not reached, CTC retains the right to cancel the lesson, event or course altogether, or to change the duration or fee thereof.  Duration and/or fee adjustments will be made pro rata. Any changes require consent from all parties. 

10. A lesson, event or course will always take place and can only be cancelled by the coach on his/her initiative. Sickness or other reasons of the participant will not lead to reimbursement or the planning of a make-up session. 

11. A lesson or event that has commenced, counts as an entire lesson or event held. Adverse events will not warrant a make-up session. 

12. Core Tennis provides the following coach cancellation policy:

   12a. A cancelled event by us will be reimbursed in full. 

   12b. A cancelled private lesson will be rescheduled if the cancellation was received more than 24 hours ahead of the start time of the session. Otherwise, it is forfeited by the client.

   12c. A cancelled junior programme session is forfeited; however, we'll do anything within our abilities to find an alternative. 

   12d. A cancelled adult Mix'n'Match programme session is forfeited. 

13. No make up sessions are offered for the junior or adult Mix'n'Match programme.

14. Communication of a cancelled adult Mix'n'Match programme session is visible on the homepage of the website on the news feed. Adverse weather is the main cause. We'll try to make the call for cancellation 30 min before the session starts.  

15. Restitution of the (remainder of the) course fee in case of long-term absence (injury, moving houses, illness) will be made when the participant's spot is replaced by a comparable player.

16. Cancellation of a lesson, event or course by the participant will never be reimbursed, unless agreed upon.  

Risk and damage:

17. CTC and its coaches are not responsible for any form of personal injury (and consequences thereof) on or around the courts, nor for loss or theft of materials. 

18. CTC tries to update the information on the website timely and adequately. However, no rights can be derived from the information on this website or any links or referrals to this website. 

19. Completing a booking and paying for tennis coaching implies that the applicant has read, understood and agreed to these regulations. 

20. Core Tennis' responsibility for the care of your child(ren) commences at the start of the session, on the court where we coach, after explicit transfer of care by the parent/caregiver to the coach. It ends at the end of the session, on the court where we coach, regardless of parent presence. Core Tennis bears no responsibility for the actions of your child(ren) outside the allocated timeslot and/or outside of the coaching court. 


InterCore Games:

21. Core Tennis retains the right to adapt or change the InterCore Games (Match Practice / Tournament / Interclub) format and pay-outs or coupons unilaterally as it deems fit to maintain a healthy and sustainable tennis culture. No rights can be obtained from information provided on the InterCore Games webpage. 


22. Any player - junior or senior - behaving in a persistently disrepectful manner to any of CTC's staff can be barred from entry. If this decision is made during a course, no refunds will be given for missed sessions. 

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