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Our core

Tennis; everyone's game

The days are long past since 'all-white' and 'gentlemen's club' were terms associated with tennis. It is one of world's biggest sports with tens of millions people playing weekly and competing actively. Regardless of background. It has also become one of the world's toughest games to become truly good at.  While at the same time being an excellent place to develop a child's motor, mental and social skills. With a group of 80-year olds laughing out loud and enjoying their crazy rallies on the court next to it. And locals flocking to the courts because they simply enjoy watching some awesome tennis while having a drink and a chat over some background music. You see? There's something in it for everyone. 

Now, let's make it ours!

Our team

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I played tennis ever since I could hold a plastic racket and a foam ball. Played fulltime at top Dutch tennis academies throughout my youth with QF U18 as a 17-year old as a result. Unfortunately, years of injuries had taken its toll and having to forfeit that QF made me quit tennis for years. Later, I picked tennis up again at national level for many years to come with two national interclub titles and beating several ITF players as highlights. Meanwhile, I pursued an academic career 

However, the pull to the courts turned out to be too strong. Hence, I've committed myself once more to the game. This time, though, I will try to add value by combining my academic and work backgrounds with the tennis skills I've developed to aid tennis in New Zealand as much as I can. 


  • MSc (Res) Neuroscience

  • MSc Educational Design and Consultation


I've coached tennis for eight years part-time. Then, my career kicked off with educational design and consultancy jobs at primary schools, universities and for the NZ government. Educational policy, development programmes and teach-the-teacher were recurring themes throughout my work. With a bit of neuroscience to spice it up



I grew up in Montenegro, surrounded by sports. When I was eight, I fell in love with tennis and it became 'my' sport. By the time I was 11, I played six hours a day. From that moment, I started winning, resulting in winning 5 National Junior Championships and travelling Europe for international tournaments. 

Destiny? Perseverance? Luck? Or getting coached by Goran Bubanj who was the coach of 3 number 1's (Djokovic, Ivanovic, Jankovic)? Who knows..

Once I turned 18 I decided to continue my tennis journey in the USA where I got the full scholarship at
Maryville University of Saint Louis in Missouri. I competed for the school for 4 years and had over 90%
win rate. Upon graduating, my competing career was over and I dedicated myself to coaching.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Business Management


I've coached tennis for 3 years at the Saint Louis Country Club. This job thought me to offer professional tennis development and entertainment to players of all ages,
levels, and ambitions. I'm very keen to share these experiences with the players in NZ. 



Assistant Coach - Waihi Beach

I played competitive tennis as a junior and then pursued other sporting endeavours with more vigour until returning from work overseas (rugby & cricket).


After running marathons (x 13), racing bikes (mountain and road) & playing and coaching squash regionally, I “got back into my tennis”. My passion outside of tennis now is Pilates.


I still play in tournaments and play tennis very regularly, my mission/or drive is to help the kids in our surrounding areas get to enjoy the benefits of tennis like I have (to whatever level they pursue).


I've been a (junior) squash coach for many years. After I found my passion for tennis, I've actively supported the junior tennis coaching programme at Waihi Beach. Here, I now combine my experience with professional sports, junior coaching and tennis to foster and grow our juniors. 


Assistant Coach - All Clubs

I've been playing tennis ever since I was 8 years old. Throughout my younger years, I've played tournaments in Hamilton. In mid 2018, I was selected among 13 other players to represent NZ in Samoa for a tournament.


However, I had to stop due to many injuries occurring. Lately, I've picked tennis up once again and only playing locally in Waihi.


Although I haven't had much experience with coaching, this is a great opportunity for me to really give it my all and give back to the community.


I've been an assistant coach to support the tennis coaching in Waihi and Katikati for some time. But I believe, by being a part of this team, we can finally offer our kids a good coaching programme in small rural communities. 

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