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INTERCORE tournament
'Outside the lines'

Always had the urge to cheat? Can't stand being behind? It's ok, we get it. In this doubles tournament, there is a place for the likes of you. Fun-fuelled legitimised cheating, how does that sound?

Tell me more!

Core tennis initially only hosts this tournament for people participating in coaching. 

You play a Swiss round doubles tournament with a different partner every round. Every round just takes one set. Juniors and seniors are mixed. Both teams receive two jokers at the start of their game. Whenever they are behind, they may activate/use one of their jokers. When a joker is activated, for the next game, the rules of the game will be 'slightly' different. After that game, the rules will be normal again. 

'Different', I hear you ask? Yes. Depending on your dice roll, you may have infinite serves per point. Or you may call someone from the stands to join your ranks and play 3 vs 2. Or you are allowed to steal one close call this game. Whatever the rules may be, you ought to be winning the next game to level the score!

This tournament is all about fun and giggles. And about winning of course. But not too much or you'll never be able to use a joker yourself! Beware; this is not for the integer, honest, sportsmanship-award winning player..

What's in it for me?

Wasn't that clear yet? Well, never mind then.

But also; don't forget about the atmosphere, the drinks, the music and the stories you'll take away from this crazy day. And of course, there's a little prize for the winner, whatever that may mean in this tournament. 

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